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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

WTF?! O_o

Where did my posts go? I know I posted at least two posts in April. There not on here anymore. Did anyone even get to read them? Crap. I forget what I even said in them. I know there was some reviews of a few animes I was watching or had finished watching at the time. Other than that IDK. Well this erks me quite a bit. Especially considering the effort I put into that one in particular. :(
Well whatever. *sigh*
ANYWAYS! I've been up to pretty much the same as usual (sitting on my ass in front of the computer watching anime and reading manga and other computerly-geeky things). In fact, I rarely venture outside the house as sad as that may sound. I feel a bit like Sunako Nakahara from The Wallflower(actually it' got quite a few names). I don't really like leaving my sanctuary that is my room. It certainly needs a good cleaning though.Will definately do that this week. It certainly isn't as cool as Sunako's room.
Obviously my favorite character from The Wallflower is Sunako, second favorite would have to be Yuki. He's soooo cute! hehe.

And yes the little blonde one IS a GUY not a girl. He tends to cry a lot and gets mistaken for a girl a lot. It doesn't help that on numerous occasions he's had to dress like a girl. (He makes a very pretty girl though.:) )
He's the gentle and most easily frightened one of the four guys. Also he's quite fond of cute things. (As am I, I'll admit.) His dubbed voice is done by Greg Ayres, so in my opinion that certainly adds to his cuteness.  
Awww he's so cute I wanna dress him up like a baby panda and take him home. :D ...........o_o I'm not wierd or anything. *cough cough*   So yea more pics. :)
 Skulls <3 
XD couldn't help but put this one up. lol.

Here's the opening to The Wallflower. lol. I remember a while back I saw this opening and thought it might have been a yaoi or shounen-ai. When you watch it you'll see why. (BTW that totally wasn't the reason I was late in watching this anime. I can't really think of a reason actually. Guess I just forgot about it until rediscovering it recently.) 

Yea I'm not gonna say that much in this post I'm a bit tires now. I just have a few more things to say and then I'll be done. 
Just got through watching D. Gray-Man season 1.( or rewatching it actually) It had been a while since I last saw it. Definitely a fav of mine. (It's sooo hard to choose a favorite character!!) I'll post more on it later. 
Also my next post,(perhaps the one after that as well), will be on things in the cute category. (or at least what I deem "cute",which is quite a broad spectrum even in just my mind.) 
Well that's all for now. Thanks for reading. :) 

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