Monday, May 28, 2012

Da Cuteness. *O*

This will be a random post of cuteness(or not so random since I did promise to post cuteness for at least two upcoming posts. lol ^^)
How bout some pics first.. ^^
Len Kagamine!!!! :)

Len and Piko!!! <3 

chibi-cats Masaomi-kun and Izaya-kun(the lil' troll. lol.)

cute lil anime girls. :)

Cats in general, whether anime or real. :D

 So wrong yet so cute and funny. XD

 And what rhymes with funny? That's right bunny! ;p 

 hehe Tiger and Bunny fans will get this one. (my brother will probably disown me for weeks if he sees this bad pun. lmao!)

awww chibi Hitler and a baby deer. ^^

Love in all forms is a beautiful and wonderfully cute thing. <3

Chibis are some of the cutest things  you will ever see, in fact I think I'll create a separate post dedicated to just chibis. You will soon learn the way of the chibi. Yes you will. Also you will learn that ChibiEngland is one of,if not The! cutest things you will ever see. Yes indeed. =.=


One of the best and cutest anime's ever. :)

 Dororo(the blue one) is my favorite!!! <3
Despite it looking like just a kid's show, I assure you it is not. It's got some of the best comedy. I tell you if you watch this you will laugh. 
 And since he's my fav here are some vids about Dororo/Zeroro(his name was Zeroro before he became a ninja and changed it to Dororo).

Also if your looking for more cute humorous anime shows I also suggest Shin Chan if you haven't seen it. Yes cute, vulgar, hilarious Shin Chan. XD My brother and I enjoy this sort of comedy very much. It's quite entertaining. Although Shin is obviously the main character and a very lovable(despite his vulgarity) guy, my favorite is Georgie! aka Georgie Prescott III. :D

To be a man you must honor, honor and a penis!! 

I think that will be all for this post I'm getting tired and I've been feelin' sick and all lately. So yea, enjoy all that and let it seep through your pores and whatnot. Til' next post remember to practice your ninjaassdance!

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