Friday, April 13, 2012

My Computer sucks!!!

Well It's been a while since I last posted. :( Partly due to my own procrastination and partly due to the fact that my computer isn't the most reliable piece of ......*coughcough*....erm machinery. It really doesn't seem to like me. :/  I was going to post something recently that was a sort of update. Like on the certain music choices I'm listening to (Like the rock goddess herself Joan Jett!), and anime that I am watching or have recently finished. Then when I was a good way through my post, lil miss prissy butt computer froze on me and now all of the post is gone. :( Well no use crying over spilt milk I quess.
So let's think of a short summary of what I said(might be less of a headache for those of you who read my blog anyway. lol.) Alright. Music wise, I've been listening to Tegan and Sara(love them they are so sweet and adorable <3)

The Gorgeous and enthralling Tarja Turunen!

Melissa Etheridge and Joan Jett as well. <3

On to a few notes of animes. I've finished a very cute and touching shounen-ai (boyxboy love) anime called Sukisho. It was surprisingly better than I first thought it was going to be. It's both funny at times but also dramatic and deep other times. I highly recommend it. Even to those who don't really like BL animes. The background behind the main characters certainly make it an interesting show. I kinda wish it were a bit longer though. But with most yaoi and shounen-ai (and even yuri and shoujo-ai aka girlxgirl love) they don't last long, usually only one season that consists of about 13-16 episodes. All I will say next is it ended well. :)

My brother and I are currently watching Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad. If your kind of anime is "slice-of-life" then I highly recommend this one as well. (My brother also recommends Honey and Clover, I myself have yet to get a chance to watch it due to a list of other animes I feel I must finish first and other non-anime things I'm occupying myself with. lol.) Also if you've seen your fair share of anime you'll probably recognize quite a few of the voices of this anime(dubbed versions I mean). I don't discriminate against either dubs or subs in animes, I watch them both(depending upon the anime). I don't see why we all can't just fuckin' get along. This life is to short to fight over whether dubs or subs are better than the other. And that is all I'll say on that little matter now. Anyway if you do watch dubs and you get into this show you'll recognize voices like: The main character Koyuki (Koaru from OHSHC,)
The woman voicing Maho also vioces Ciel from Kuroshitsuji(aka Black Bulter) Yin from Darker Than Black, and also Georgie from Shin Chan and Chibitalia from Hetalia: Axis Powers!(and Tony Tony Choper!! from Onepiece^^)Also if your a Fullmetal Alchemist fan you'll recognize her voice as Nina Tucker. *snifle Nina snifle* (yep Brina Palencia voices all those, surprise surpise ;)  She's also one of my fav. voice actors. <3)  Sorry for listing so many voice roles for her, its just she IS one of my favs. haha. Anyway if you wanna check out who else she voices here's a link
You'll also hear the guys who voice Ichigo from Bleach (yeah Strawberry! XD), Yuki Sohma from Fruits Basket and Sanji from Onepiece,
Yoshiyuki Taira is voiced by none other than Jerry Jewel!! <3 (Kyo Sohma, Barry The Chooper from FMA!,Happiness Bunny(creepy shit O,O)Jin and Suzaku from Yu Yu Hakusho(hehe. what can I say these boys stick together.) Also the the great Russia-san. You become one with Russia, da? ^J^ 
Tsunemi Chiba is voiced by Justin Cook. (That dude is everywhere. >.> Funny thing is that's my cousin's name as well. XD) Most famously he voices Yusuke Urameshi from Yu Yu Hakusho( Chiba even acts like em' XD) that list got a bit lengthy.....sorry bout that. lol. So yea the dubbed version of Beck is highly recommended. If you'd rather watch the subbed version that's cool too. lol. Ever since this anime I've found and have fallen in love with the song Moon on The Water performed by Beat Crusaders(written by Hidaka Tooru!). I personally like Koyuki and Maho's version, when they're singing in the pool,better though. Especially dubbed, because of Brina and Greg's singing. <3 ^^

 Here it is with the Japanese voice actors. (I like both versions by the way, I just like the dubbed one a bit  better^^)

*non-anime related note* I am also learning a bit more about Absinthe lately and I gotta say I'd really like to try it when I'm 21. (I'm 20 now btw)  Also working on learning more French. I love other languages and cultures and know some French already but I'm a bit rusty. lol.  

Well I think that's all for this post. I'll try and post more often(If my computer will let me >.>). Bye for now! ^^

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