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Saturday, November 19, 2011

What's up lately

So there are a few things going on at the moment. First off my new video is up on youtube. Here's the link:
Please....Stay. (For Love's Sake)
 I'm quite proud of it though a little sad it hasn't gotten very many views yet.  : (
But on a lighter note I recently won a new ibook from LibraryThing. For those of you who love books and would like an easier way to organize your books I highly suggest LibraryThing. Free memberships are limited to 200 books, but you can upgrade to a paid membership and catalog as many books as you like. A yearly membership costs only $10. Here's the link.
The book is "Taking Control: Reality Shift Book 4" by Jo Ramsey. Its 212 pages. If anyone is interested in it I can send you a copy of it, if you like. Just ask nicely. : )
I'm also currently working on yet another new video, but it seems that WMM wishes to be difficult with me. Some of my pictures keep mysteriously disappearing <.<    >.>

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Yea! I have a bloggity blog now!


Don't know why I didn't start one earlier. All well. *shrug*
Well this blog of mine will mostly consists of anime related things and witchy related things, but it will also address many other interests and concerns of mine. Basically a blog about random things that interest me and I happen to bring up. Most of it will be of intelligent content, though I can't promise all of it will be. XD
I must warn you that it is highly likely that there will be future posts of both Shounen-ai and Shoujo-ai content. So if you don't like it sorry, just don't look at it. For those of you who don't know what those are Google them. Google is your friend. Yes, it is. Sometimes.hehe. For those that do know and like them, enjoy! : )  (Trust me it won't be anything explicit,just cute stuff. So no worries. ^^)