Friday, August 17, 2012

Goth and Gothesque

For those that are curious or even slightly confused about what the term "Goth" is. :)

Now, one thing to keep in mind is that "Goth" is more of an umbrella term now seeing as there are many(and I mean MANY) different types and variations of Goth. It is basically undefinable, because "goth" means different things to each follower. In fact, Goth is such a wide term that someone could devout a whole blog about just one variation, and some have mind you. ^ ^
Really, the notion of  "goth type" is more of an internal joke than reality. lol. In other words, don't believe to much in generalizations about goths (or any other subculture or person for that matter.)
Anyway in this post I'll try and help you out and cover some of the basics. This vid here by goth author Jillian Venters is a pretty good start for non-goths. You should also check out the other episodes of Gothic Charm School as well, along with her book which is entitled the same.

These websites here have some useful information as well.(and some great pics!)  (Amy's such as lovely woman with a lovely website. ^^) (great site for gothic poets and writers) (an alternative fashion blog) ( a blog devoted to goth cartoon characters!) ( youtube vids related to goth and alternative)

Here is another great vid by Amy. (I mentioned her and her website above)

And just for funnzies, one of my fav readings of Edgar Allan Poe's The Raven. (read by Christopher Walken!!!) ^_^

And now random pics related to the alternative and goth (or that are just gothesque in nature).
hehe. This post has now become a place to dump some of my goth-like pics. bwahahaha! > :)

In many ways Kuroshitsuji can be considered gothesque and quite dark. In my opinion the manga is much better than the anime, though. Don't get me wrong I still liked the anime but it's quite different than the manga version. (Sebastian's personality for one.....) 


        (goth Lolita)

    (pagan goth items)       



(one of my fav. artworks)




               ( XD lol goth humor)







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