Monday, July 23, 2012

What in the world does the video have to do with the song?!

What in the world does the video have to do with the song?! What does this video mean?!

I think if you really want the most accurate answer, you'de have to ask Adam and director Samuel Bayner, yourself. But if you'de like my interpretation,(the short version that is), maybe it's a bit of a medaphor for all the shit he and the girl have been through together and all the time and money he spent on her.Also it implies that he was so focused on this girl more than his own self, that he doesn't know how to be himself anymore without her by his side.  
And also it's a bit of satire making a bit of fun at movies and love stories. Perhaps he secretly wants that fairy tale ending but knows it won't happen, and is crushed by that fact.

But hey, that's just a bit of my interpretation. What do you think it all means? I'm quite interested to see what my readers think. 

On another note, I now kinda want to see a movie come out based on this vid. lol. 
Where Adam's character was reluctantly in on the robbery but it went wrong,like the girl wasn't supposed to be at the bank that day and he changes his plans and saves the girl. And the "homeless" guy is really his best friend and not really homeless and knows all about the robbery but isn't in on it. And that's his car that Adam's character took. XD
 And later on there conversation is like:
"Man what in the hell is wrong with you?! That was my damn car you took! Now the cops are lookin' for my ass! And you just blew up my baby!"
"Haha. Sorry bout' that man. Had to improvise. And to be fair it blew up on it's own."
"Improvise my ass! Yo ass owe me a new car!"


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