Saturday, November 19, 2011

What's up lately

So there are a few things going on at the moment. First off my new video is up on youtube. Here's the link:
Please....Stay. (For Love's Sake)
 I'm quite proud of it though a little sad it hasn't gotten very many views yet.  : (
But on a lighter note I recently won a new ibook from LibraryThing. For those of you who love books and would like an easier way to organize your books I highly suggest LibraryThing. Free memberships are limited to 200 books, but you can upgrade to a paid membership and catalog as many books as you like. A yearly membership costs only $10. Here's the link.
The book is "Taking Control: Reality Shift Book 4" by Jo Ramsey. Its 212 pages. If anyone is interested in it I can send you a copy of it, if you like. Just ask nicely. : )
I'm also currently working on yet another new video, but it seems that WMM wishes to be difficult with me. Some of my pictures keep mysteriously disappearing <.<    >.>

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