Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cobain Appreciation. :)

Okay. Seeing as I haven't posted in a while and I'm in a bit of a posting mood here goes. lol.
I was wondering as to what subject to address in this particular post, since I wanted to keep my blog about various things and not just about anime and such. Then I came upon something in another person's blog. It was a link to the documentary "The Rise And Rise Of Kurt Cobain". Anything Kurt Cobain or Nirvana related  sparks my interest so I decided to give it a watch. It was pretty interesting considering it was only 20minutes or so long. I find the looks at his diary and actually getting a look at his writing to be especially worthwhile, plus there are a few pictures of him during childhood. It's worth giving a look, so I'll post a link in a bit. I also want to mention another documentary about Cobain that everyone should definitely check out. My brother and I have personally watched it many times. I think every time we see it come on the documentary channel we watch it. lol. The documentary I'm talking about, of course, is "Kurt Cobain: About a Son". Instead of just focusing on him and his death, it encompasses his views of the world and his personality. It shows us that Kurt wasn't "just like every other drug head musician". He had a true look at life and a real opinion that, whether people listen or not, need to hear. As apposed to most people who only see the world through rose colored glasses, he saw it for what it was and still is. Along side the interviews with Cobain as commentary, the visuals in the documentary  are creative and form as a great additive of a well made film. It's certainly a must see if one hasn't gotten a chance to see it. I'll post a link of the trailer for it as well.
Okay pictures first then the links, since I have quite few pics of Kurt. lol. ;p

 Kurt with Courtney and baby Francis  :)I had a shirt with this picture of him on it back in the 90s.When I couldn't wear it anymore I cut out the picture. I still have it to this day. lol. :)

  So hard to find pictures with him actually smiling in them. And what a cute, playful kitty. hehe.

And now the links enjoy. :)

Nirvana - Rise And Rise Of Kurt Cobain - VH-1 Documentary

Kurt Cobain About A Son: Trailer

To Kurt Cobain: You will forever live on in your fans memories and hearts. You remain an inspiration to many, thank you.

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